Services and Packages

basic wash

Basic wash offers people on a low budget to advil of are services in this we offer walls of home washed , gutters cleaned and washed , windows washed ,pathways washed, Driveway washed starting at €650

Starter wash

This package offers roof,walls,pathways,driveway washed gutters cleaned and washed. Starting at €850

Advance wash

This package offers roof washed and sealed walls,pathways,windows washed , gutters cleaned and washed, Driveway washed and sealed Chimney cleaned outside house repainted grass cut and cleared bushes trimmed. Starting at €1100

Painting services

We offer painting services to home and bussiness owners feel free to contact are support

Roof painting and washing

We offer roof painting services contact us for more info

Commercial services

We offer are services to Bussiness contact are customer support and ask about are commercial rates


Landscaping services are offered contact us for more info.

Other services

Other services we over inclued

Gutter Cleaning

Rubbish Clearing

Chimney Cleaning

Lawn maintenance


Moss Clear

Used in removing and killing moss,algae spores from surfaces.

Con Clean

Used to clean stained concreate and brick.

Brick Tru

Used to clear Blocked Drains

Patio & Dash wall Cleaner

Used for removing Algae,Mould and other organic growths from concrete , brick work,dash walls.

Chewing Gum Remover

Use as a solvet to easy removal of chewing gum from sidewalks ,walls ,carpets and upholstery .

Graffiti Remover

Used to make removal of Graffiti on walls,stonework,paths,ceramic & porcenlain tiles .